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Shopping Adventures: Unexpected Jewelry Find at Big Lots!

Yes, you can find surprisingly cute jewelry at Big Lots! Who knew?

As it turned out, my latest jewelry shopping adventure came about as a complete surprise. When I was cruising around Big Lots the other day looking for some snacks for the office, a rotating rack full of colorful jewelry and hair accessories (somewhere in the back-to-school supply section) caught my eye. Usually, I skip right by the jewelry racks in Big Lots, but this one really got my attention. The jewelry was from a brand called Juliet, which I had never heard of before. Based on the amount of empty space on the rack, it was clear that the jewelry had been pretty well picked through, but I managed to score a pair of these green, navy, and antique gold tone geometric style dangle earrings (pictured above) that were labeled as hypoallergenic. Although I'm not sure what metal the ear wires are made of (I'm guessing stainless steel), I remember thinking that it is pretty unusual to find any pair of earrings made for sensitive ears for under $4. This could be a great deal for those who need hypoallergenic jewelry on a super-tight budget.

I began inspecting the overall quality of the earrings and immediately noticed that the metal connectors were lightweight, yet sturdy. The metal jump rings (which connect the metal pieces) did seem rather on the thin side to me (which could make them more likely to break over time), but this was not a deal breaker for the price tag. If you are concerned about them breaking or bending, there is a simple DIY fix for this issue. It is very easy (and inexpensive) to replace them with thicker gauge jump rings using needle nose pliers, which can be found at any craft or hardware store. In my own handmade jewelry, I pay very close attention to the thickness of the jump rings I use because when it comes to making durable jewelry, the thicker the ring, the better.

Other than the jump ring issue, I thought these earring materials seemed (at least at first glance) to be of pretty good quality for the super-low price tag. Unlike a lot of jewelry pieces that are often sold at mass discount chains or dollar stores, these earrings also seemed to be quite wearable by those of different ages. While Juliet appears to be a "fast fashion" brand, the pieces do not look as if they are only meant only for teens or children. The pieces do not scream cheap at first glance, and in my opinion many of the designs are quite versatile for either work or casual wear. These pieces would be a great option for anyone on a tight budget who wants to look stylish or experiment with wearing colorful, trendy pieces. They would also make a great back-to-school gift or a low-cost stocking stuffer this holiday season!

In addition to individual pairs of dangle earrings, I also spotted several adorable different stud and hoop earring sets, as well as a variety of chic-looking hair accessories (embellished bobbi pins, hair scrunchies, etc.). Unfortunately, I was unable to find out more about the Juliet band after doing some research online, but it does state on the back of the earring card that the jewelry is made in China.

It appears that at this time, Juliet jewelry and hair accessories are only available in Big Lots stores (and are not available for purchase on their website).

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