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A NEW Look for To the Nines Jewelry!

Read below for more details on our new look.

Hello, Jeweleristas!

I hope you are all having a great summer! It's hard to believe that it's almost!

Things have been very busy behind-the-scenes at To the Nines this summer, and as you can see from the photo above, I have reimagined the overall look and visual representation of my brand. This rebranding project includes a newly redesigned logo and branding, luxurious new gift packaging, and several new projects that will be announced this fall. The new logo is particularly special to me because I designed and created it myself with both modern and vintage elements in mind as a tribute to what my shop is all about. The idea for the new sunray symbol (as I like to call it) was inspired by art deco style and is intended to symbolize timeless glamour, classic sophistication, and a celebration of becoming the most beautiful versions of ourselves!

After a particularly stressful last few years, I think that we all deserve little "rays of sunshine" in our lives, so it is my hope that this new logo will help to inspire my customers as much as it has inspired me.

But the new branding colors (gold, black & white) and logo are just the starting point! I'm working on an exciting new jewelry line this fall, plus new and fun ways to embrace the new branding design. Be sure to check back soon for more updates!!!!

Thank you so much for supporting the To the Nines shop & blog! I so grateful for all my customers and supporters who continue to inspire me.

Kristi :)

Owner/ Jewelry Designer

To the Nines Jewelry

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