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Shop My Jewelry Look: Worthington 20 Inch Rolo Pendant Necklace

Okay, so I know that when people think of stylish fashion jewelry, JC Penney may not be the first retailer that comes to mind. It's well known in fact that this 119 year-old company has been attempting to rebrand itself for a while and was particularly hard-hit by the pandemic (along with many other department stores), which became clear when it entered Chapter 11 last year. You don't see JC Penney getting a lot of positive buzz lately in the clothing and fashion retail industry, but in my experience, they still have its place if you're looking for affordable jewelry pieces in classic, statement, and office-friendly styles.

As I've learned throughout my jewelry shopping adventures, you can often find beautiful costume and fashion jewelry pieces where you least expect it! Enter the Worthington 20 Inch Rolo Pendant Necklace which (at the time of this blog post) is on sale for $14.40 (with a retail price of $19.20). It comes in two colors: Green (the color I'm wearing in the photo) and Orange (which is more like a coral), which are both perfect for summer.

Worthington is a house brand of JC Penney's that was actually started way back in 1985. Ah...I knew there was a vintage tie-in somewhere! According to my research, it was originally developed as a brand that offered work clothing and accessories for the professional woman, which may explain why I find their designs to have a classic, polished feel. It might just be me, but I really feel as though both my grandmother and I could wear this necklace, and it would still look age-appropriate. According to some of their old ads, the Worthington brand's purpose was to offer memorable designs that weren't too edgy, making them still appropriate for the office.

Okay, sorry...I got distracted for a moment. Now back to the necklace...

Aside from the beautiful bright teal green color of the beads and chic boho style, which I feel would work for women of all ages, there are so many interesting features that make this a piece that I wear on repeat. First, I love the fact that it is so lightweight despite the fact that it's a larger, statement necklace. This is due to the fact that it is made from resin/plastic beads, as well as a gold pendant focal piece that is sturdy in feel, yet hollowed in the back. What's also great about this necklace is the fact that it is adjustable (the chain length is 20 inches with a 3 inch extender) and has a working toggle clasp in front which not only looks cool but also allows you to adjust how you put on the necklace. For people who may have trouble with closing lobster clasps behind the neck, this gives you another option as to how you can put on the necklace. From a style perspective, I also love the fact that this piece is so eye-catching that it can literally transform a simple black t-shirt and jeans.

If you're interested in purchasing this necklace, you can find it here on the JC Penney website. Be sure to look for coupon codes as well if you're shopping online (from a site like Retail Me Not or use a tool like Honey), because I find that there are a lot of them out there.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post, and I am in no way affiliated with JC Penney. I'm just a fan of many pieces of their jewelry :)


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