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Office-Appropriate Jewelry: A Quick Guide

Are you returning to the office after over a year of working from home? Have some fun with your work wardrobe again by freshening up your office-appropriate jewelry collection! If you’re unsure as to what kind of jewelry will look professional, be sure to double-check the dress code for your company or organization, but here are some general tips to keep in mind…

Conservative Offices - The overall consensus seems to be that stud earrings (that coordinate with your outfit) are the earring style of choice for the most conservative types of offices. Pearls are also considered a classic work wear style that is appropriate for almost any professional situation, including job interviews. The idea is to keep it simple and look polished but not wear any pieces that could be distracting or cause any type of noise as you move. When in doubt, it’s usually better to wear as few pieces as possible because less is usually more.

More Casual or Creative Workplaces - In less conservative offices, you can generally wear other pieces of jewelry besides studs (such as small hoops or larger earrings), but generally speaking, you’ll want to avoid too much bling. It’s also usually best to avoid any kind of jewelry that will make a distracting clanging or clinking noise as you walk down the hall.

Office jewelry does not need to be boring! Try mixing up your look with unique, yet polished pieces that combine understated vintage themes or elements.

My Office Jewelry Style Picks

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