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Jewelry Shopping Adventure: Geo Semi-Precious Stone Earring Set by Universal Thread -

So, I was ordering some essentials the other day from the Target website ( and happened to notice that there were a lot of jewelry pieces on sale at the time. Of course, I had to check it out before completing my online purchase!

One of the jewelry items that had been marked down was this Geo Semi-Precious Stone Multi Stud 3-Piece Earring Set (in Gold) by Universal Thread. This set was originally priced at $7.99 and then discounted to $5.59. Yes, you read that correctly! In this set you get three pairs of semi-precious stone stud earrings for $1.86 each!!!

When I approach a jewelry review, I always take into account the value that the customer is getting for the money. In this case, I tried to imagine what type of quality and design I would expect for a $1.86 pair of earrings, so as you can imagine, the bar wasn't set very high so to speak (laugh). That being said, I attempted to give these earrings my own thorough assessment, just as I would do with a more expensive piece of jewelry.

For those who either don't shop at Target or are unfamiliar with their brands, Universal Thread started as primarily a denim brand back in 2018. The original concept for the brand was that it would offer clothing that would cater to women of all different sizes (00-26W) and budgets ($0-$40), hence the use of the word 'universal' in the name. It is considered to be a lifestyle brand, which was partly developed based on research Target conducted regarding women's needs and challenges when it comes to buying jeans. Today the Universal Thread brand has expanded to include not only denim, but also jewelry and accessories (including hair accessories). They also use sustainably sourced cotton, as well as recycled polyester when producing their jeans, according to the brand page on the Target website.

What I Like

So, let's start with what I like about this earring set. First of all, it's hard to deny the fact that the overall design of these studs are pretty darn cute! The colors of the stone are in great neutral colors (blush pink, black, and a gray/black marble) are so versatile, which in a way also speaks to the "universal" theme of this brand. It's hard to imagine that anyone would have problems coordinating these earrings with outfits they already own. The geometric shape is rather unique (at least based on what I've seen in my experience), and the earrings are large enough to be seen (and hang a bit down from the ears) without being too large and clunky. Since I have attached ear lobes, this is very important to me because I often do not feel comfortable wearing large studs. Due to the thin slabs of stone, they feel very lightweight to me and comfortable for everyday wear. Also, it is SO exciting to see that these earrings come with bullet style earnuts/ backs!!! The bullet style backs do not get enough use in my opinion, yet they should! I think they offer a more comfortable fit then the butterfly style (less pinching), plus they help to ensure a more secure hold on the ears without that annoying clear plastic disc pad that are included with a lot of other post earrings. The clear disc pads seem like a great idea in theory, but as a girl with not much in the way of earlobes, they protrude from the ears too much to the point of being visible in the back.

The gold plating is done in deeper brassy tone that is more of a "vintage gold" color (which is very cool) that is very popular right now (it is used a lot in Kendra Scott jewelry pieces). This also helps to add a special touch that makes them look a bit more more expensive than what you actually paid for them. Also, the actual posts (or the part that goes through the ear) is not placed, and it is indicated on the packaging that they are nickel-free. Since the actual materials are not specified, I would recommend proceeding with caution if you have any metal sensitivities.

It's difficult to tell which exact semi-precious gemstones stones these earrings are made from, but to me they have the look of pink quartz, black onyx, and snowflake obsidian. For this price, I would imagine that they may be other types of stones that are dyed to resemble these stones, but I do not have the expertise to make this assessment. In any event, the stone really does elevate the style of these earrings to give them a more expensive feel. The stones do not have a great deal of polish, and they may not be a particularly high grade, but somehow that works fine for me, since these earrings are designed to have a more causal or relaxed vibe.

What Could be Improved

As a jewelry maker, one thing that immediately stood out to me was the fact the stone slabs did not fit perfectly into the settings, and you can see some little gaps in between. Fitting stones into settings can be tricky in my experience (especially when using hand-cut vintage materials that were not cut precisely to fit), but I do wonder why this is occurred in this case. I'm presuming that machines were used to cut and perhaps assemble the earrings, so it could be a slight defect. That being said, this is not a dealbreaker in my mind because it does not detract from the overall look of these studs. In fact, the less than perfect style kind of gives them a more relaxed or "handmade" look. If you are the type of person who likes a perfectly aligned setting, however, you may want to keep this in mind.

All in all, it's difficult to really complain about a $5.59 earring set that is stylish, comfortable, and versatile for everyday wear with a variety of outfits! If you are not a perfectionist when it comes to your stone settings and just want a casual pair of studs that you don't have to worry about losing, this is a great option! I would also recommend these studs as a gift for a teen who is just starting a jewelry collection or really anyone who wants to add that extra bit of polish to an outfit without breaking the bank.

I can definitely see myself checking out Universal Thread's other jewelry pieces in the future!

Although the sale has ended, you can still purchase this earring set HERE on the website if you are interested.

Please note that I am in no way sponsored or affiliated with Target. In my review I am offering my own personal opinions of this product.


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