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Coming Soon! NEW Reflect: 1920 Collection

I'm very excited to announce that To the Nines Jewelry will soon be launching a brand new vintage inspired collection for Fall 2021/Winter 2022. This collection is called "Reflect: 1920," and it is extra special to me because it features fresh new designs inspired by the feedback collected from my recent online feedback survey.

In a sense, my customers (as well as potential customers) helped to design these pieces by taking the time to share their favorite types of jewelry pieces, preferred metal finishes, and personal jewelry styles. While this feedback provided a wonderful framework by which to begin the creative process, it also presented a fun, yet unique type of artistic challenge that really pushed me to "think outside the box." For instance, the majority of the survey respondents indicated the the 1920s was their favorite jewelry decade, yet most preferred simple or minimalistic jewelry styles. Generally speaking, the jewelry of the 1920s is remembered for its high-glam, intricate, and "blingy" art deco designs, which does not normally translate to the modern minimalist look. While it took a lot of jewelry design research, as well as some time sketching out different ideas, I was finally able to make my vision a reality. The end result is a collection that has a super-modern (almost futuristic look) that merges both new and old motifs and elements.

I personally want to thank everyone who completed the survey and contributed to the design of this collection. Your ideas, suggestions, and comments helped to make this all possible.

That is all the info that I can share for now, but remember to check the blog in the coming weeks for more details on the release of the collection.

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