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As well all know, prices have gone up pretty much everywhere, and it can often feel like jewelry is just a luxury we just can't afford. Here is my list of places where you can find quality jewelry at prices that are actually affordable.



Handmade, Modern Vintage & Timeless Designs

To the Nines Jewelry offers chic & affordable handmade jewelry featuring modern vintage, retro-inspired & timeless designs.

Hoop Silver Earrings


Contemporary, Sterling Silver, Gold, Gemstones & More at a Discount

Off-price retailer that offers designer and other brand name jewelry pieces at a great discount

Silver Necklace and Rings


Discount retailer that offers contemporary, designer, and brand name jewelry at huge discounts

One of my favorite off-price retailers for clothing, jewelry and accessories at bargain prices!

Gold and Black Rose Earrings


My go-to shop for purchasing high-quality vintage jewelry at affordable prices

Ruby Lane is an online marketplace for vintage items, including stunning jewelry pieces at all price ranges. I've found many great pieces (including sterling silver pieces) on this site starting as low as $10. The quality standards for RL sellers are high, so you can buy with confidence!

Silver Earrings


A great to place to buy sterling silver and gemstone pieces at very reasonable prices has been a great resource for sterling silver and gemstone jewelry at very reasonable prices

Silver Earrings


It's hard to beat the Etsy marketplace if you're looking for unique, artsy, or one of a kind pieces! It is also a fantastic place to shop for gifts. While the prices may not always be the cheapest, you can find amazing value for what you spend!

The Etsy marketplace is simply unbeatable if you are looking for high-quality jewelry that is customized, meaningful, and unique. You will find pieces here that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Silver Earrings


A great resource for all types of jewelry, but particularly vintage pieces (in my opinion)

Yes, Ebay can be "hit or miss," and you have to do your homework, but you can find amazing deals here, especially when it comes to vintage pieces

Silver Earrings


A high-end jewelry supply retailer that also sells finished jewelry pieces!

If you are looking for jewelry deals, consider purchasing from a jewelry supplier that also offers finished pieces (including karat gold and sterling silver) at a reasonable price. Rio Grande is a jewelry supplier that is particularly known for their quality.

Silver Earrings


You don't have to live in the Frederick, Maryland area to shop online for high-quality handmade jewelry from local artists!

Frederick Makers is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of items (including jewelry) from Frederick-based makers. You'll find some amazing designs here (including sterling silver, vintage inspired & polymer clay pieces).

Silver Earrings


Jewelry always seems to be on sale at Kohls!

I love to browse through the jewelry section at Kohls periodically to snatch up the deals. I've found some great pieces on the website, including those made from sterling silver. If you're on a tight budget, the Lauren Conrad line is great if you are into minimalist pieces. Also, be sure to check out the Primrose brand for sterling silver jewelry.

Silver Earrings


Poshmark is an online marketplace for reselling clothing and jewelry, plus much more.

You can find some great deals on jewelry on Poshmark.Be sure to take advantage of the "make an offer" feature, which allows you to bargain with individual sellers. There are also a lot of great buyer protections in place, so you can feel more comfortable purchasing.

Silver Earrings


Did you know that you can shop Goodwill online through their auction site?

You can find some deals on the Shop Goodwill auction site (including karat gold and sterling silver, etc.). When bidding, just remember to factor in the shipping and handling fees when weighing a purchase (which may be higher than other sites)

Silver Earrings


A great resource for stylish jewelry that is perfect for wearing to the office or out on a weekend!

JCP gets overlooked a bit IMO, but I have found some great jewelry options on their website, although I often wait for a sale (just to maximize my savings). The ANA and Worthington brands are two of my favorites for designs that are stylish, yet not too flashy or over-the-top. See my shopping adventure blog post for an example of a Worthington piece that I love.

Silver Earrings


Marshalls is very similar to TJ Maxx (in fact, it's owned by the same company. I have found a lot of beautiful jewelry pieces on their site for amazing prices.

At Marshalls, you can find some great designer jewelry brands at great discounts! You do need to act fast sometimes because the selection varies and pieces can sell out quickly.

Silver Earrings


If you're not necessarily looking for jewelry that you'll wear for years, Target offers a fantastic value! I especially love he Universal Thread & A New Day brands which offer stylish pieces that lookk more expensive than they actually are.

Ruby Lane is an online marketplace for vintage items, including stunning jewelry pieces at all price ranges. I've found many great pieces (including sterling silver pieces) on this site starting as low as $10. The quality standards for RL sellers are high, so you can buy with confidence!

Silver Earrings


A mid-priced department store retailer with some great fashion and fine jewelry options

Although we do not have a physical store in our area, I purchased a few pieces of jewelry online from Belk in 2020 during the lockdown period. I gotta say that I was pretty impressed with the Belk Silverworks (fine jewelry) and Crown & Ivory (fashion jewelry) lines. They even have some great Italian sterling silver pieces featured as well.

Silver Earrings


An online reselling marketplace aimed at millennials that offers some great "hidden gems"

Although you will need to do some research on individual sellers, Depop is a great place to find unique, off-beat, or vintage styles at rock bottom prices. You can also find some interesting handmade pieces on the site as well. On a side note, I purchased a vintage Sarah Coventry vintage jewelry there a while back that included sterling silver earrings (which I don't think the seller knew were actually sterling silver).

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You've seen my list of favorite jewelry retailers/shops. Now here is a list of places where my fans and customers love to shop for jewelry (as reported on a recent survey, as well as my social media platforms).

Don't see your favorite shop listed? I'd love to include it in our directory! Just email your recommendations to .











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My name is Kristi, and I am the owner of To the Nines Jewelry!

Although the creative endeavor to which I now devote most of my time jewelry-making, my passion for the visual and fine arts actually began when I was a very young child. In fact, I spent the majority of my free time as a kid drawing, sketching, or painting canvases on my little tabletop easel, which my (very supportive) father made for me.

I continued my studies of drawing and painting throughout high school, as well as college, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art (with a concentration of painting). In the years since graduation, I have discovered jewelry-making as an exciting new world of creative expression that fills me with an incredible amount of job. I absolutely love everything about the process of designing and making jewelry pieces by hand.

Aside from running my handmade jewelry business, I love spending time with my family and loved ones, traveling, cooking, going to rock concerts, and petting as many Golden Retrievers as I possibly can (since I cannot have a dog at the moment). I currently live in and base my business out of Frederick, Maryland.

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